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Sound strange? It’s really quite simple: Your brain, just like your muscles, uses ATP for energy. So it makes sense that increasing the availability of PCr (phosphocreatine) in your brain would help with ATP synthesis and energy formation.

(3) Stough C, Downey LA, Lloyd J, et al. (2008). “Examining the nootropic effects of a special extract of Bacopa Monniera on human cognitive functioning: 90 day double-blind placebo-controlled randomized trial.” Phytotherapy Research 22:1629-1634.

Bartus, R. T., Dean, R. L., Sherman, K. A., Friedman, E., & Beer, B. (1981). Profound effects of combining choline and piracetam on memory enhancement and cholinergic function in aged rats. Neurobiology of Aging, 2(2), 105-111.

Nootropic supplements are used for long-term cerebral development and brain health. While they may not turn you into a genius overnight, you can expect to feel at least some degree of benefit after continually using nootropics.

CerebralCharge stands above its competitors and is recognized as the best-selling brain pill with a low price point! It provides a carefully formulated amount of caffeine anhydrous to support and enhance other ingredients and energy. Other neural-boosting ingredients like amino acids promote long-term cerebral health, caffeine immediately increases focus, energy, and mental ability while also reducing fatigue.

Although we like to believe a healthy balanced diet will supply us with all of the necessary nutrients, that’s not always the case. Nutritional supplements supply us with the vitamins and minerals that are essential to keeping us healthy.

The ingredients that make up Synagen IQ-Core Focus include Vitamin B3, Niacin, L-Theanine, Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCL), Caffeine, GABA, Bacopa Monnieri, Alpha GPC, Phosphatidylserine (20%), L-Tyrosine Vinpocetine and Huperzine A (1%). Remember to consult your doctor before starting to take this brain supplement. Check out users reviews and product description.

(2) Silveri MM, Dikan J, Ross AJ, et al. (November 2008). “Citicoline enhances frontal lobe bioenergetics as measured by phosphorus magnetic resonance spectroscopy”. NMR in Biomedicine 21 (10): 1066-75. doi:10.1002/nbm.1281.

Reason: A recent study showed that ginkgo biloba has a protective effect during a stroke, thanks to its ability to slightly thin the blood and pour antioxidant power into the system. While doses can vary (especially in combination with other nutrients) 120 mg a day is average recommended dosage.

The key to productivity may also be having fun.  Kelley encourages students to take study breaks and spend time with friends—another way to relax and reenergize for the next study period in your future.   

(1) Barhwal K, Hota SK, et. al. (June 2009). “Acetyl-l-carnitine (ALCAR) prevents hypobaric hypoxia-induced spatial memory impairment through extracellular related kinase-mediated nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2 phosphorylation”. Neuroscience 161 (2): 501-14. doi:10.1016/j.neuroscience.2009.02.086.

Individuals who take Adrafinil tablets say that it enables them to focus intensely for an entire day without experiencing fatigue or “brain strain.” Adrafinil is incredibly powerful and needs to be used only on an infrequent basis to prevent the possibility of it harming your liver.

In the Oxford Project to Investigate Memory and Ageing (OPIMA), higher homocysteine levels were seen in patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s; they were also accompanied by both low folate and B12 levels. Supplementing with B Vitamins, particularly Vitamin B12, has been shown to lower levels of serum homocysteine.

Qualia is a premium nootropic supplement that also comes at a premium price. However, we discovered some valid reasons for the higher price. This includes the fact that you receive two separate nootropic supplements as a part of a two-step nootropic system. Our Qualia review reveals everything you need to know about the potent and powerful formula. Qualia has become one of the most popular nootropic brain supplements we have recommended and consistently receives positive feedback from readers. Find out why it is considered as one of the best brain supplements we have tested and reviewed over the past 5+ years.

Alpha Brain did just about everything right with high quality ingredients, clinical evidence, and a synergistic formula. The ingredients that lead to such a wide array of benefits with this supplement include Phosphatidylserine, Oat Straw Extract, Alpha GPC, Vinpocetine, and Huperzia Serrata.

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“The misuse of prescription drugs among college students often flies under the radar,” says Natalie Rich, the alcohol and drug intervention specialist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  “Students think these drugs are safer than street drugs, but in reality, their effects are very similar, and they can be highly addictive.”

There hasn’t been much research on whether an intelligent, healthy young person can function better intellectually under the influence of reputed brain boosters, and when the research has been done, results have varied.

DMAE is another focus booster that has been studied extensively as a potential treatment for ADD/ADHD. It may also work as an effective brain booster in healthy people and as a result DMAE is found in only the more effective supplements for focus and concentration improvement.

Joshi K1, Lad S, Kale M, Patwardhan B, Mahadik SP, Patni B, Chaudhary A, Bhave S, Pandit A (Jan 2006). Supplementation with flax oil and vitamin C improves the outcome of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD). http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16314082

Fish – Most seafood famously contains Omega 3 fatty acids. These fats improve the integrity of cell membranes, an important factor in the prevention of age-related decay and memory loss. Krill Oil is an excellent source.

The most effective brain supplements have contained different types of nootropic ingredients. If you want to know more about nootropics, I suggest reading one of our past articles on the topic. These explain what nootropics do and how they work.

S.A.N. Dr. Feel Good contains a high potent multivitamin formula that is designed to provide your mood and cognition with the support you need to experience your best overall health and well-being. Be able to reach your peak health as you prevent free radicals from damaging your body, detoxify your liver, and enhance the proper functions of your brain. Start Dr. Feel Good and feel better than ever before! Read more…

Vitamin B supplements: The vitamin B complex, including vitamin B6, B9 (folate) and B12 (cyanocobalamin) are essential for improving focus and preventing memory loss. The deficiency of these vitamins in the body causes elevated levels of homocysteine – an amino acid associated with an increased risk of dementia.

SmartX (also goes by Cerebral Success) aired on Shark Tank back in 2014 and received investment from Barbara Corcoran. According to a Shark Tank update, the product was quickly picked up by GNC and is selling very well.

Whether you are the parent of a child with ADHD, a college student studying frantically for midterms or someone in the workforce competing for a rewarding promotion, improving your concentration can help you be at your best.

Theanine (or more commonly L-theanine) is found in green tea and mushrooms and also sold as a dietary supplement in the United States. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration has granted it GRAS status (generally recognized as safe). According to various scientific studies, theanine has been found to affect the levels of some neurotransmitters, to prevent beta-amyloid-induced brain dysfunction, and to protect against stroke. L-theanine is even said to improve sleep quality in boys with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In terms of potential nootropic uses, several small studies indicate a combination of L-theanine and caffeine can improve cognitive performance, particular in the areas of focus and alertness. Apparently, though, the effects may not be long-lasting.

Vitamins from the B group are considered to be particularly important for good brain health. Thiamin is one of the many B vitamins that is found abundantly in the brain and nerve tissue. It plays a role in the conduction of nerve impulses, according to an article published in The Journal of International Medical Research. Furthermore, a severe lack of this vitamin can lead to Korsakoff syndrome, a chronic memory disorder most often seen in alcoholics and those suffering from diseases such as AIDS.

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Phenylethylamine, also known as PEA is naturally produced by the human body. It is a “neuro-amplifier”, which increases the actions of Dopamine (for motivation and drive), Norepinephrine (for wakefulness and higher performance), Acetylcholine (for improved memory and neural activity), and Serotonin (for improved mood and impulse control). PEA has unique and rapid uplifting effects that can noticeably improve mood, mental activity, attention, motivation, alertness, creativity, awareness, energy, stamina, physical activity, pleasurable feelings, sexuality, and sensory perceptions.

NeuroBrain Support from a company called – Om Essentials uses some good natural ingredients. NeuroBrain Support contains a good blend of ingredients, both active and inactive providing a 100% natural product. They claim that their product is vegan and vegetarian friendly as well as gluten, soy, and dairy free. This is a big plus for this product.

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