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Acetyl-L carnitine : is an amino acid that is produced in rather small amounts by the body. It plays an important role in energy production. As such, its supplementation has been shown to make you feel more alert, improve short term memory, and slow age related declines in cognition [1].

While it’s always a good idea to focus on eating right and exercising to keep your body healthy, mental health is also vital. The good news is that keeping a good mental health doesn’t necessarily mean making drastic changes in your lifestyle towards keeping your brain active and healthy. As long as you do what you can to help your brain get what it needs, it will continue to be elastic and able to learn new things well into your old age.

Derived from a type of Chinese moss, Huperzia serrata, this supplement is supposed to boost certain brain chemicals in somewhat the same way as some prescription drugs, such as Aricept and tacrine (Cognex), approved for use in Alzheimer’s patients. These drugs, in any case, have only a modest and brief effect. Huperzine A has been clinically studied in China for Alzheimer’s patients, though studies were generally small and short. A review of this research, published in the Journal of Neural Transmission, was optimistic that huperzine A might be useful in treating Alzheimer’s. More research is underway, but so far there’s no evidence it boosts memory in healthy people or reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s.

DHEA. A hormone that declines with age, DHEA has garnered lots of interest. Taken long-term or in high doses, however, it may increase the risk for certain types of cancer, as well as other serious side effects.

In that spirit, here’s a list of dietary supplements you could investigate for their potential use as a nootropic. Remember: Do your research and ask a doctor’s advice before popping any pill, natural or not. More importantly, not all dietary supplements are created equal, with some brands including additives you may not want (or are allergic to), so it’s important to vet any unfamiliar manufacturers.

They all work to improve your cognitive function. Yet they all work in their own individual way. They will not necessarily deal with the same aspects of brain function, and they will not all provide exactly the same benefits. 

This brain pill originates from the Periwinkle plant. Vinpocetine is another great nootropic supplement to fight cognitive decline. It may also enhance memory formation, improve reaction time, and reduce brain fog in healthy individuals. The improvements in memory arise from increased blood flow in the brain after ingestion. Vinpocetine shows significant promise for cognitive enhancement. However, it has been relatively understudied compared to some of the other brain health supplements that we’ve covered. Early indications are positive, but Vinpocetine is still considered mildly “experimental” as far as nootropics are concerned.

Just like fitness enthusiasts try to lower their risk of diseases by exercising regularly and eating healthy, we should closely monitor our mental health. One common problem is that many people wait too long before seeking help which decreases* success rate for treatment. Even people who are mentally healthy should take a proactive approach and aim to improve* their brain health to help protect against memory or mental problems. One way this can be done is by consuming “brain foods” which contain proven nutrients that enhance* the memory. For convenience and because it is not easy to add these foods in your diet, taking memory enhancers or brain supplements is an excellent option to improve* brain health.

As we all know, there are lots of brain supplements in the market that’s why while you are about to buy a brain supplements you may get confused which will be the best brain supplements. While buying brain supplement, you will also need to check if it is worth your money or not. You don’t have o be tensed about all these problems as I am here with the list of best brain supplements. After lots of research over some authenticated source I have made this list of best brain supplements review to help you guys with the selection of best brain supplement.

The supplements that made it to this list are unique and produce noticeable benefits. However, my expectations for Awaken were not all that high when I first received the product. Awaken made me quickly remember why you shouldn’t pass judgment before truly getting to know and understand someone or something.  

Vitamin B-6 is required for production of several neurotransmitters, including dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin and GABA. Confusion, or lack of concentration, can be a symptom of serious vitamin B-6 deficiency. Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that carry signals between neurons — specialized cells that send and receive electrical signals within your body. Good food sources of vitamin B-6 include legumes, soy products, fish, poultry, meat, potatoes, bananas and watermelons. For men and women age 19 to 50 years, the RDA is 1.3 milligrams per day. The RDA for adults 51 years and older is 1.5 milligrams for women and 1.7 milligrams for men. A 1-cup serving of canned chickpeas, for example, would contain 1.1 milligrams of vitamin B-6.

Diets that are similar to the Mediterranean diet include the MIND diet as well as the DASH (dietary approaches to stop hypertension) diet. Both diets have been found to reduce occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease.

SMOOTH, NATURAL, CAFFEINE-FREE – Stay alert and focused using safe and natural ingredients with this top-of-class focus supplement without the crash and jitters from caffeine. The ingredients in NeuroIGNITE support healthy activity, and help to enhance your mood so you can focus on what’s important.* Brain function support at its best!

It is safe to say that you can find a nootropic brain supplement from this list to improve your overall cognitive functioning and brain health. I would at very least recommend taking advantage of the free trial offers while they still last. 

Sometimes boosting brain power is as simple as getting a cup of coffee or brewing up some tea. Caffeine is no stranger to the working masses. While it receives a lot of bad press lately (due to unsafe consumption of energy drinks), it has some remarkable health benefits for the brain when consumed in moderation. For the vast majority of supplements, excess consumption is not always a good thing. Caffeine is one of the best brain supplements for cognitive enhancement. It offers improved reaction time, wakefulness, sharper memory, and increased oxygen uptake. Additionally, it can decrease fatigue, clear brain fog, and improve overall subjective well-being.

For those days when you’re feeling more fatigued than usual, or having a hard time making it though your workouts, consider using this new class of “smart” supplements to give your body and mind an extra boost!

Nootropics provide major training benefits, but many of them have benefits outside the gym, too! These cognitive enhancers are known for their positive effects on mental performance, and some have even been suggested to support memory, the recall of information, energy, and focus. Think of them as gains for your brain!

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TruBrain is also one of our most highly recommended brain supplements. I highly recommend also taking a look at truBrain’s brain food bars. These nootropic snack bars are a phenomenal way to start your day and/or provide a nice midday boost. They taste great and work great to stack with other nootropics. You can stack truBrain nootropic brain food with the truBrain think drinks to potentiate the cognitive benefits you experience throughout your day. TruBrain continues to hold strong as one of our top 10 best brain supplements we recommend to our readers. 

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of focus and concentration supplements, questions may be popping into your mind. If you leave your questions and concerns below, we’ll be able to address them and hopefully help you along your journey to an optimal, focused mind.

B12 provides you with that soothing, relaxing kick that you get after a good breakfast. However, this focus vitamin is also very beneficial for your nervous system, focus and memory. Deficiency of B12 may cause fatigue, tiredness, and believe it or not it’s almost epidemic, so get your glass of milk on the regular.

Regardless of your age or condition, you should be able to get enough vitamin E from your food. Ask your doctor if you’re interested in additional amounts. Vitamin E deficiency is rare, although it may occur in people on low-fat diets.

Finally, for attention, focus and concentration, the blend should include some form of stimulant. There are many of these around, and most supplements simply use caffeine. It is easy, generally safe, and common enough that people do not react negatively to it.

Some studies suggest that children with ADHD may have lower levels of zinc in their body. And some scientists say kids with the disorder who took zinc supplements along with traditional ADHD treatment had an improvement in their symptoms.

There has been a significant rise in the past decade or so of the use of natural focus and concentration booster supplements to improve an individual’s ability to stay alert for longer periods of time.

Cerebral Success’ SmartX is designed to prevent the tiredness your brain may experience. You’ll be happy with the results as you improve your brain’s abilities at work or school. Your brain is in constant use every day in order to process an infinite amount of information. If you experience the inability to focus, slowed processing of information, and lack of energy from your brain, then you need to take better care of your brain. Cerebral Success has created SmartX in order to help you to become more alert and increase the functions within your brain. Keep Reading »

This product contains some good ingredients. We would like to have seen some consumer reviews to better understand how it really works. Overall, we felt that it would need to introduce some more key ingredients to get a higher grade. Together with its lack of money-back guarantee, we had to place this at the bottom of our list.

We design our products and nootropics based upon the philosophy that in order to create massive change there must be changes made on every level and those changes must be in proper alignment. For example, AWAKEN creates changes and alignment between the spirit (increasing motivation and drive), emotions (increasing positivity and reducing stress), mind (improving speed and clarity of cognition and memory) and body (increasing energy levels and vitality).

Amino Acid Supplement S-Adenomethionine, or SAMe, is a naturally-occurring compound found in nearly every tissue of the body. SAMe offers nutritional support for proper mental function and balanced mood due to its serotonin … More Info

You can eat the right foods and take the right supplements, but that is only half of the natural cure. To experience the effectiveness of these natural concentration boosters, you must adopt a few simple and healthy behaviors during the morning, afternoon and at night.

Eyles DW, et al; Vitamin D, effects on brain development, adult brain function and the links between low levels of vitamin D and neuropsychiatric disease; Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology; Volume 34, Issue 1, January 2013, Pages 47–64;

Several studies have found that decreasing serum levels of vitamin E were consistently associated with increasing levels of poor memory after adjustment for age, and supplementation of 400-700IU per day was beneficial. Look for a supplement that has the natural form of vitamin E, alpha tocopherol, rather than the synthetic “dl-alpha” form.

“Not all Rhodila Rosea is created equal” – Jonathan Roseland from Limitless Mindset reviews our Rhodiola Rosea pure powder. “Likely your best bet if you’re in the UK or Europe”. ?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-XqEAhErzw

All these things are considered dietary supplements, not drugs, so they’re not subject to the rigorous approval process that drugs are. The FDA limits the claims manufacturers can make about supplements to some degree, but you’re largely left to judge for yourself.

Itomura M1, Hamazaki K, Sawazaki S, Kobayashi M, Terasawa K, Watanabe S, Hamazaki T (Mar 2005). The effect of fish oil on physical aggression in schoolchildren–a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15741051 

First, make sure that it is legal to purchase Modafinil and/or Armodafinil in your state or country before jumping online to place an order. There are restrictions in some places. However, we would be doing a disservice to leave Modafinil off the list of the 10 best brain supplements.

Smart-X is designed to increase alertness, enhance memory, reduce anxiety, and improve the overall feeling of well-being. Smart-X sets out to achieve this by combining important nutrients and amino acids that your body needs for every day brain function. Read more…

DMAE is another focus booster that has been studied extensively as a potential treatment for ADD/ADHD. It may also work as an effective brain booster in healthy people and as a result DMAE is found in only the more effective supplements for focus and concentration improvement.

DMAE (2-dimethylaminoethanol), also thought to alter levels of acetylcholine in the brain, is another one that Sahelian says he can get behind based on anecdotal evidence alone. There is little in the way of scientific data to support claims that it boosts brainpower.

You hear about Vitamin D in relation to helping build strong bones, but this essential nutrient also plays a crucial role in cellular health—including brain cells. To get vitamin D, the following is helpful:

Fortunately, there’s proof that dietary and lifestyle changes can affect how well your brain works. To keep your brain humming like a well-oiled machine, sink your teeth into these easy and edible approaches to brain health.

A plate of green beans a day keeps the heart surgeon away! That’s maybe not so true, but what is true is that vitamin B3 is vital for your heart functions, it’s good for your cholesterol, and it can also help prevent cancer and diabetes.

Choline is found in a lot of the foods we eat, but typically not in a large enough dose to have any meaningful benefit. Supplementing with choline can be a powerful nooptropic because it serves as a direct precursor to acetylcholine—which can support memory.

Of the small handful of brands that actually did pass our key criteria, many had to be disqualified, as they did not offer an appropriate return policy, or they simply had too many unanswered negative customer reviews.