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“There are costs to narrowing your attention,” Sarter points out. “Not only all the stuff in the periphery that might be very significant that you might be missing, but internally – if you narrow your attentional field, it also narrows the range and scope of associations you could bring into your thought process.”

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Selection – What kind of selection the vendor has to offer. The best nootropic suppliers will carry almost all the popular nootropics on the market today. Some of these popular nootropics include phenibut, piracetam, aniracetam, noopept, adrafinil (modafinil alternative), agmatine, L-Theanine, and more. Some stores carry experimental or research drugs like NSI-189, Dihexa, Flmodafinil, and Cerebrolysin. However, these experimental drugs should not be called nootropics as they have not been tried and tested.

Sahakian also makes a comparison with cosmetic surgery. “We are already enhancing ourselves in all sorts of ways. I was shocked when those problems with those French breast implants came to light and the number of women who had to have them removed by the NHS. But it just all depends what you’re valuing. And if you go to a good university and expect a high salary, it’s likely you are going to be valuing certain things and if you can enhance these things that’s going to be attractive.”

Conversation flows and a comfortable euphoria with warm tingling flushes can be expected with Stargate 2.0. A natural boost, that makes fatigue evaporate and thoughts flow more clearly when it is time to party. Colours are brighter and senses are enhanced by the mild aphrodisiac effects.

What interests him too is what people say they want to enhance. People take smart drugs to get ahead in their career, or there’s enough of a placebo effect to make them believe that they are. Silicon Valley thrums with it. And Richard Kingdon, who runs a rehab clinic, City Beacon, in London’s Square Mile, tells me that people who come to him with addictions to cocaine and alcohol are often on it too.

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Instead of risking your health with these prescription drugs, there are a number of over-the-counter nootropic supplements that perform equally well and are legal to purchase online. There is no need for an internet grey market, and no need to shop on international pharmacies.

Prescription strength smart drugs do have associated side effects and should only be taken on the advice of your family doctor. The more you use, and more often you use, the higher the chance of side effect dangers which can graduate to serious things like heat attacks and psychoses.

I don’t ever take Modafinil on back to back days.  I’ve found that you build a tolerance quickly and I don’t want to have to increase the dose.  If I want to use it throughout the week, I take it on a Monday Wednesday Friday schedule.

Finally, according to NutriScience, “Studies suggest that glucuronolactone…promotes mental performance and positive mood as well. When given glucuronolactone in a clinical study, subjects showed significant improvements in reaction time, concentration, and memory.”

So if you or a loved one is experiencing memory loss or loss of mental clarity to any degree, or if you just want to boost your memory and give yourself a nice mental lift from time-to-time, you owe it to yourself to try this powerful supplement.